LinkNow is a Google-Certified Agency

Full Campaign Setup

Everything you need to hit the ground running. You’ll have multiple ad groups populated with compelling ads that highlight your unique selling points and benefits of your services. You’ll also have a list of the most profitable keywords for your industry.

Dedicated Campaign Manager

You’ll have a Google Ads Certified campaign manager dedicated to making your program successful. Your campaign manager will know your account in and out and make daily optimizations.

Conversion Pages

Custom pages optimized for one thing: turning traffic into leads. LinkNow’s special conversion pages highlight your selling points, emphasize the benefits of your service, show off client testimonials, and encompass a convincing call to action.

Lead Tracking

With comprehensive lead tracking, you’ll see exactly how many phone calls and email leads your campaign is generating. We’ll also know which ads and keywords are resulting in the highest number of leads, which we use to drive a higher ROI.

Continuous Optimization

We never stop improving your ads. We do daily audits of the search terms report to make sure you have zero wasted spend. We also continuously test out new ad copy, keeping only the ones that are working the best.

Monthly Reporting

You’ll receive a report every 30 days that will outline how your campaign is performing. You’ll see where your budget is going and what’s driving the best results. You’ll also see how your campaign is improving each month and scenarios for scaling up.

Here’s How it Works

Through the power of Google Ads, we’ll put your business information front, center, and at the very top of Google search results. When potential customers in your service areas use Google to search for a roofer, using the highest value keywords for your services, your ads will be prominently displayed. 

Once potential customers have seen your ads, we’ll drive them to your website, show some pictures of your previous roofing jobs, highlight some compelling selling points, and have them to contact you for an estimate. Simply put, you’ll receive phone calls and emails from people interested in your services.

This lets you focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.

An Industry-Specific Approach for Roofing Companies  

You’ll have a custom campaign constructed to help you accomplish your specific business goals. Whether you focus on residential, commercial, repairs, or replacements, every component of your campaign will be built custom to generate leads for the kinds of jobs you want.

After ten years, we’ve got the blueprint to facilitate purchase decisions and to help you book roofing jobs. You’ll benefit from over a decade of accumulated knowledge and expertise. We’ll show your potential customers the exact information they’re looking for.

The Highest Value Keywords for Roofing Services

When searchers in your target areas use the highest-value keywords related to roofing, we’ll make sure your ads are featured prominently in the results. We use the most sophisticated keyword research tools available. This lets us ensure your ads show at the moment searchers are looking to contact your company.  

Ads That Stand Out from Your Competition

Your ads will be crafted to highlight the best things about your business and your services. They’ll highlight the selling points that matter most to searchers looking for roofing services.

We take advantage of every relevant ad feature so that your ads are big, bold, and eye catching when they display. We pack as much information as possible into your ad space and make sure your ads occupy the best real estate on Google’s first page.

Custom Conversion Pages Optimized to Help You Book Roofing Jobs

You’ll have a custom conversion page designed specifically to maximize the number of people who contact you for an estimate. This is one of the ways we help you get the most out of your Google Ads investment.

Your conversion page will show pictures of previous jobs you’ve completed and highlight selling points related to your services. The page will demonstrate that you’re the right company for the job. When prospects land on your site, they’ll be keen to reach out you to get started!

Dedicated Campaign Manager with Years of Experience Marketing Roofing Contractors

You’ll have a Google Ads Certified campaign manager dedicated to your program. Your campaign manager will have extensive experience running profitable Google Ads campaigns for roofing contractors. They’ll be the one to initially onboard you onto the program and be your point of contact throughout the campaign.

During the onboarding call, your campaign manager will work to understand your business, services, and goals. Then they’ll create a custom plan for your campaign, designed to make it a success based on your criteria.

Your campaign manager will build your campaign, make daily optimizations, and manage it over the long term. They’ll be in contact with you regularly, and if questions arise, you can schedule an appointment to discuss your progress at any time.

We’re Here for One Thing: Helping you Book Quality, High-Paying Roofing Jobs

We offer our Google Ads services with no contract. That means we’re 100% focused on maximizing your return on investment. We’re going to work to keep you on the program for the long term only because it’s best for your business’ bottom line, not because of a contractual obligation.  

We’ve helped countless roofers grow their businesses, and we’re ready to help you do the same.

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