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Most Google Ads consist of a click leading the prospect to a website forcing your site to convert a client. This campaign works on mobile devices and EACH CLICK PROMPTS A PHONE CALL!

Full Campaign Setup

Everything you need to hit the ground running. You’ll have multiple ad groups populated with compelling ads that highlight your unique selling points and benefits of your services. You’ll also have a list of the most profitable keywords for the towing industry.

Dedicated Campaign Manager

You’ll have a Google Ads Certified campaign manager dedicated to making your program successful. Your campaign manager will know your account in and out and make daily optimizations.

Lead Tracking

With comprehensive lead tracking, you’ll see exactly how many phone calls your campaign is generating, the area code of the caller, the times of each call and of course, the call length. We’ll also know which ads and keywords are resulting in the highest number of calls, which we use to drive a higher ROI.

Continuous Optimization

We never stop improving your ads. We do daily audits of the search terms report to make sure you have zero wasted spend. We also continuously test out new ad copy, keeping only the ones that are working the best.

Monthly Reporting

You’ll receive a report every 30 days that will outline how your campaign is performing. You’ll see where your budget is going and what’s driving the best results. You’ll also see how your campaign is improving each month and scenarios for scaling up.

Leverage the Power of Google to Get New Business

With this towing lead generation program, we use the power of call-only Google Ads to list your company at the very top of Google search results. You’ll be one of the first results when people in your area conduct searches like “towing company near me” and “towing services”.

When people click on your ad, they’ll have only one way to contact you: through a setup local tracking number that rings to your phone.

Sounds good, right?

If you’re in the towing business, this is by far the most powerful use of your marketing budget. It allows us to track calls the same way we track your website clicks, giving you complete control over call traffic and visibility.

With our Pay-Per-Call Towing Ads, your entire budget is used in the most efficient way possible. Since we focus only on what matters most in your industry and service area, we’ll generate a high volume of phone calls for your budget: Driving all prospective customers to connect with you over the phone.

Getting Started with Pay-Per-Call Towing Ads

The Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation with one of our Google Ads specialists, we’ll discuss several specifics of your business, including:

  • Areas you service
  • Services you offer
  • Selling points for your business
  • Operating hours

We can be very precise with the types of calls we send your way, so we take this opportunity to learn exactly what you want, including the set hours that you would like to receive calls. We also gather the information that we’ll use to sell your services in the ad copy.

Building Your Custom Campaign

We build your custom campaign according to the system we’ve developed, refined, and perfected, including persuasive copy and impressive tact.

We’re Google Ads experts, and we know how to drive successful campaigns for towing companies. To give you the best results possible, we’ll include call outs for your promotions, the equipment you operate, your response time, and more.

Launch, Track, Optimize

Now we launch. You’ll start off with a bang and begin receiving phone calls almost immediately.

To give you the best campaign possible, we still have a lot of work to do. In the first month, we’ll check-in daily. We’ll monitor all the search terms, see what’s working for you, and make any necessary adjustments.

Thirty days after your campaign launches, you’ll get your first monthly report. You’ll see a breakdown of where your budget was spent and the number of phone calls you received.

As your campaign progresses, we will use all accumulated data to refine and improve its performance. Are certain keywords working better? If so, we will focus on those and forget everything else. Your campaign will get better as time progresses, and we’ll keep bringing you calls so that you can do what you do best––close the deal and provide your service.

Pay-Per-Call Towing Ads Case Study – 291 Calls from a $999 Budget

Our Pay-Per-Call Towing Ads have worked for countless towing companies. We know it will work for yours too, but don’t just take our word for it. Read the recent case study here for a real perspective on how pay-per-call ads worked for one of our clients. We generated 291 phone calls in just one month!

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