LinkNow is a Google-Certified Agency

Full Campaign Setup

Everything you need to hit the ground running. You’ll have multiple ad groups populated with compelling ads that highlight your unique selling points and benefits of your services. You’ll also have a list of the most profitable keywords for your industry.

Dedicated Campaign Manager

You’ll have a Google Ads Certified campaign manager dedicated to making your program successful. Your campaign manager will know your account in and out and make daily optimizations.

Conversion Pages

Custom pages optimized for one thing: turning traffic into leads. LinkNow’s special conversion pages highlight your selling points, emphasize the benefits of your service, show off client testimonials, and encompass a convincing call to action.

Lead Tracking

With comprehensive lead tracking, you’ll see exactly how many phone calls and email leads your campaign is generating. We’ll also know which ads and keywords are resulting in the highest number of leads, which we use to drive a higher ROI.

Continuous Optimization

We never stop improving your ads. We do daily audits of the search terms report to make sure you have zero wasted spend. We also continuously test out new ad copy, keeping only the ones that are working the best.

Monthly Reporting

You’ll receive a report every 30 days that will outline how your campaign is performing. You’ll see where your budget is going and what’s driving the best results. You’ll also see how your campaign is improving each month and scenarios for scaling up.

Here’s How it Works

We use Google Ads to place your tree service business at the top of Google results. 

You’ll be visible when potential customers search on Google for a company to provide your services. When prospects see your ads, we’ll drive them to your website, highlight selling points related to your business and services, and entice them to reach out to you for an estimate.

We’ve perfected this service over 10 years. It’s a blueprint we’ve used to create a consistent source of new business for countless tree service companies. We’ll consistently send high-quality leads your way. Then you can focus on what you do best.

An Industry-Specific Approach for Tree Service Companies

With ten years’ experience, we know how to help you sell your tree services. Every element of your program will reflect what we know works best in your industry.

We’ll create a custom campaign for your unique business. We’ll work to generate the specific kinds of inquiries you want. You’ll be contacted to provide the services you’re focused on in the areas you’re targeting.

Your ad copy, keywords, and conversion pages will be custom made deliver the exact business you want. That means when prospects see your ads and engage with your business, they’ll be comfortable reaching out to you for an estimate.

The Highest Value Keywords for Tree Services

Our Google Ads experts are experienced, highly trained and Google Ads certified professionals with access to the best research tools available. We’ll uncover the highest value, most profitable keywords for your services in your region and include them in your campaign.

What does that mean for you?

When potential customers are using Google because they’re ready to reach out to you for an estimate and get started with your company, you’ll be visible on the first page.

Ads That Stand Out from The Crowd

Your ads are what your potential customers on Google.

To ensure the highest number of searchers interact with your ads, we’ll touch on all the right selling points for your services. We’ll highlight the information your potential customers are going to base their decisions on.

You’ll also have ads that take advantage of the most important features Google offers. That means your ads will be big, appealing, and stand out amongst other ads from your competitors.

Since it’s Google Ads, your business will be listed in the best possible position: the top of the first page.   

Custom Conversion Pages Optimized for Tree Services

To maximize the number of inquiries you receive for your services, we’ll create custom conversion pages for your campaign. These pages are highly optimized for turning your site visitors into leads. This will help drive the highest possible return on your marketing investment.

Your pages will have appealing designs, information to help sell your business and services, and a clear, persuasive call to action. These pages prompt potential customers who are on your site to cross the finish line by contacting you by phone or email.

Your conversion pages will show your potential customers that you’re the right company for the job. Prospects will be eager to reach to you and get started!

Dedicated Campaign Manager with Years of Experience Marketing Arborists

Your campaign will be in the hands of a Google Ads Certified campaign manager. You’ll have a Google Ads expert with years of experience running successful and highly profitable campaigns for tree service businesses assigned to your program. The campaign manager will onboard you onto the program when you first sign up, and they’ll be your point of contact throughout the campaign.

Your campaign manager will make sure they understand what makes your business unique so they can help you sell your services. They’ll also work to familiarize themselves with your short-term and long-term business goals. They’re going to formulate a specialized plan to make your campaign a success according to how you define it.

Your campaign manager will also be the person to build your campaign from scratch, make regular optimizations to improve performance, and manage it for the long haul. They’ll reach out to you regularly over the phone to discuss your progress, and if any questions arise, you’re welcome to email them or schedule a phone call appointment any time.

We Have One Goal: Helping you Book More Tree Service Jobs

Like all our marketing programs, we offer Google Ads services with no contract.

We want to consistently generate new customers for your business over the long term. Our goal is to keep you coming back for marketing services because it’s the best decision for your business’ bottom line, not because you’re in a contract. We’re going to add value to your business every single month so you stay with us for the long term.

We’ve run countless successful, highly profitable Google Ads campaigns for tree service businesses like yours. We’ve helped them grown and put down deeper roots in their service area. We’d love to help you do the same for your business.

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