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Specialists for Limousine Services Websites

As a limousine service provider, you are probably very aware of how important it is to offer a thorough and multifaceted service that meets the needs of all your clients in a time-efficient and cost-effective fashion. So, by catering to the needs of clients as diverse as wedding guests, bachelorette parties and businesspeople requiring corporate-level airport pick-up and drop-off services, you most likely know how to use your resources to tailor to your clients’ needs perfectly.

Well, when it comes to web design, LinkNow Media possesses a similar breadth of online skills that best meet the needs of all our commercial clients’ needs. So, whether you want a website designed from scratch or simply need your existing website’s search engine optimization (SEO) improved then we can help. Our skilled team of web design specialists will work closely with our SEO professionals, content writers and customer care team to deliver a service that simply will not be beat for price, style or convenience. Throw in our very affordable prices, logo design expertise and range of flexible payment options and it is clear to see why we have almost 9,000 small and medium sized businesses just like yours as satisfied clients. It is our passion for what we do that separates us from many of our competitors in this industry and is the reason why we have been fortunate enough to be nominated for a number of prestigious industry level awards in recent years.

So, what are you waiting for? Call our helpful and dedicated team today and allow us to get to work on creating the perfect website for you. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Tailor-Made Website Service to Meet Your Business’s Needs

At LinkNow Media, we are very aware that the one size fits all attitude is something that simply does not fly in the business world. Catering to the ever-changing needs of almost 9,000 small businesses - including many limousine businesses just like yours - across the United States and Canada means that we have learned a thing or two about how to maximize our customers satisfaction by listening and working with them rather than merely projecting what we think they need. With that in mind, some of the most popular website packages that we offer all our customers include:

  • Ready to Go Website: As the name suggests, this type of website is perfect for limousine businesses who do not have a website or online presence and want to get a basic but highly-effective package that will help them attract new customers. This popular package allows limousine service businesses just like yours to dip your feet into the waters of the online world without having to commit to any add-ons right away.

The great thing about our standard package is that, unlike many of our competitors, it is of a such a high-standard that it actually ends up meeting the needs of approximately 85% of all our customers. However, the flexible nature of this type of website means that it is adaptable enough to facilitate modular add-ons should you wish to upgrade your site in the coming weeks or months. But if you don’t feel like your business needs this additional add-ons then that is perfectly fine too.

As standard, our Ready to Go website will include pre-written content, tailor-made to cater to your business’s distinct needs. This content is made available to you in an editable document so you can modify it and customize it to meet your preferences easily. This not only saves your business time but also money, because we all know that in business time is money. On top of the customized written content, all our Ready to Go website packages include five web pages when your purchase this package, additional pages can easily be purchased and added to your site very easily. Similarly, every one of our clients who avails of this popular web service will receive the most advanced search engine submission which will make sure your website appears on all major search engines and helps new clients find you comfortably. You can also rest assured that you with this package, your website will be designed to the highest possible standard and will have the professional look needed for you to attract new customers to your limousine service.

Additionally, all our clients who purchase this extremely popular Ready to Go package will receive a detailed and easy to use contact form that will allow new and returning clients of your business the ability to email you or request information directly from your website with the click of a mouse. Finally, if you have an existing website and want to change your domain name to improve your website’s optimization then this package also includes one new domain or an existing domain transfer – the choice is really yours. So, whatever your situation, with the Ready to Go package, you really have the best of both worlds.

  • Everything You Need Website: In essence, the Everything You Need web option includes all the benefits of the Ready to Go package but with a number of crucial differences. Although not as popular as our standard package, Everything You Need is the ideal choice for limousine service providers who maybe have a website already or want to jump into the online world with both feet. The great thing about this option is the delivery time. While it might take many of our competitors’ weeks or months to deliver this suite of additional online services, our skilled team at LinkNow Media can do the same job, only better, in a matter of days.

The Everything You Need option includes all that is available on the Ready to Go package but with a number of crucial additions. So, instead of five web pages, this more detailed option offers ten web pages. Similarly, standard logo integration is a key part of this service and means that our skilled design team will be able to integrate your existing logo into your new website to give your online platform a very unique and personal touch.

Similarly, the Everything You Need website includes a 25-photo gallery as standard that will allow you to display your finest work to all new and prospective clients. Being in a position to put your best foot forward in such a visual way is one of the main advantages that this option offers many of the limousine businesses just like yours who have availed of our service in recent times. We also offer a picture modifications service that allows you to swap out current pictures we are using and have them replaced with new pictures as they are taken.

Finally, the more developed Everything You Need includes diligent webmaster consultation. This means that you can contact our web professionals at any time to obtain advice, design, technical issues and search marketing with literal experts in this field. The last unique selling point that this option offers you is full video integration. This option allows you to integrate up to three videos of your own choice directly onto your website with the able assistance of our design team. So, if you are fortunate enough to have had your business featured on television or simply want a brief home-made video to highlight how your limousine service works then this could be the best possible option.

Benefits of Blogging

There is no doubt about it, blogging isn’t easy. As the owner or manager of a professional limousine service, you may have concerns about the standard or quality of your writing and what can often start out like a straight-forward plan can quickly turn into an intimidating task if left for too long. However, with LinkNow Media’s skilled content team on your side, you can rest assured that you will never have to challenge this task alone. Our team of content specialists are here to provide useful tips and ideas to help you create a blog that is filled with unique and informed perspectives that put your business in the best possible light. Our team are also always here to go through any aspect of the blogging process that you may not be very comfortable with and to impart our expertise with you in the pursuit of optimal results for your blog. With that in mind, here are two important tips to keep in mind when you’re finding it difficult to find blog inspiration:

  • Read Other Limousine Blogs: Let’s be honest about it. It isn’t always easy to find inspiration for your blog. However, what many of our clients forget is that there is a whole world of content, idea and blogging inspiration out there that just needs to be tapped in to. While we would never advise any of our limousine service providers to steal blog topics from other businesses, the simple reality is that reading well-written and clued-in content will definitely help get your creative juices flowing when you may have hit a barren patch creatively. In certain cases, it is possible that one of your competitors – either locally or in another region of the country – has written something you disagree with and you could use this as a starting point for one of your own blog posts.
  • Write Down Any Ideas that Come to You Right Away: Inspiration doesn’t only take place from 9 to 5. The reality of the situation is that an idea for a blog post can often strike you at some of the weirdest times imaginable like on your drive to work, or while lying in bed at night or in the shower in the morning. When a great idea like this strikes you then you need to write it down right away as failing to do so could result in your forgetting this potential piece of genius. Using notes on your smartphone or simply keep a little notebook with you at all times is a very intuitive way of ensuring you have fresh and innovative blog topics to write about.

Positive Reviews as Standard

At LinkNow Media, we take what we do very seriously and work diligently every day to strive for web design, SEO and marketing excellence. However, one aspect of our business that we always work very hard to maintain and improve is our customer care service. The simple fact of the matter is that for us, our clients’ happiness and satisfaction will always be our number one priority and is the primary reason we work daily to improve the web design service we offer. So, when we receive positive and reaffirming reviews from our long list of clients, it truly does make our day. Some of the most recent reviews we have received from satisfied clients include:

‘A diligent and responsive company that has consistently given me excellent service over several years. This is the main reason why I stick with LinkNow Media when there are so many others out there soliciting my business.’ – Paul Keleher (Paul Keleher Electrical Services), a satisfied customer of LinkNow Media since 2010.

‘The website is looking super. And this is because you guys give every indication of having a great team and process in place. I very much appreciate your business model for getting this done. It is a superior model. I don't have time to think of the eloquent ways to gush about my pleasure, but "gush, gush, gush" ... feel the love :) PS The only people I missing I'm aware are the content writer, and the sales guy. Thanks to them too.’ – Dwayne Sollenberger (Sollenberger Accounting LLC), a satisfied customer of LinkNow Media since 2015.

‘Gio - I just wanted to take a second and thank you for getting our website revamped! The new site looks awesome and the mobile version is a big improvement too! I wish we had inquired about doing this months ago. Thank you for making the additional changes so quickly and sending us the additional photo special also. I will send in some better photos this season as we build our photo database.’ – Mike Robson (Robson Landscaping and Turf L.L.C), a satisfied customer of LinkNow Media since 2012.