How to Master SEO for Roofers in 2020


There’s never been a better time to get your roofing company online. But having a website is not enough. You need an effective digital marketing and SEO strategy to boost your online presence and produce leads. It’s like building a machine. And the marketing machines we build at LinkNow Media will help you grow your business and take it to the next level!

In this post, we’re going to explain the best way to get roofing leads in 2020. We’ll cover five key areas of SEO strategy for roofers:

  • ⇢ Web design
  • ⇢ Written content
  • ⇢ Organic SEO
  • ⇢ Local SEO
  • ⇢ Social Media

Web Design for Roofers

Pro Tip #1: SEO is all about instant communication.

Your website must be designed to communicate 3 things to visitors in under 5 seconds:

  • ⇢ Who you are
  • ⇢ What you do
  • ⇢ How to contact you

If it takes more than 5 seconds to do this, your visitors will click the “Back” button and find another local roofer who instantly provides this information. No one has time to wait or puzzle over your website. It needs to be clear, direct, and easy to read.

So, how do you communicate this information in under 5 seconds?

  1. Make sure your logo and company name are clear when the page loads.
  2. Use pictures of roofs and roofing services to instantly communicate what you do.
  3. Include easy to find and up to date contact information like a clickable phone number, email address, and/or contact form.

It’s not just for your consumers either: Google likes businesses that present themselves in a clear, honest, and trustworthy way. If your website is well designed by a professional marketing company like LinkNow Media, it will rank well on Google searches from the moment it is indexed.


One of our plumbing websites that gets the job done in well under 5 seconds.


Once that happens, the leads will roll in all on their own!

SEO Content Written for Roofers

Once you’re all set with a website that communicates who you are and what you do, it’s time to fill it with high-quality written content. Your written content should do three things:

1. Explain What You Do

Like the industry-specific pictures on your website, your written content should explain to Internet users what you do. Using a combination of headers, block texts, and emphasized text elements, your readers should be able to get all the information they need in as short a time as possible.

The key here is to be specific. Each page on your website should be focused on one topic. Topics should be related to general roofing services like installation and repair, as well as touching on specific topics like shingle roofing, metal roofing, etc., depending on what services you offer.

2. Sell Your Roofing Services to Your Readers

Convert readers into clients. In the SEO world, when you convert a casual Internet browser into a lead, this is called a conversion. One of the goals of your content is to make as many conversions as possible.

Be upfront with your readers. Prove to them that you’re the expert and that they should buy your services. Sales-driven content is one of the most important channels roofers have for lead generation.

Keep it simple. Don’t write more than you need to. Be direct and say what you mean.

3. Boost Your Ranking on Google

Using carefully chosen keywords like “roof repair”, “roofing services”, and “roofing contractor” in your written content, will tell Google that you offer what its users are searching for. It’s really that easy! Include the keywords and start ranking for searches that use those keywords.

Plus, if your content is clear, high-quality, upfront, and conversion-oriented, Google will happily boost your webpage to the top of the search results. Their goal is to give searchers the quality content they’re searching for. Be that quality content.



Organic SEO for Roofers

Organic SEO is all about creating organic interest in your website.

The basic idea is simple: when other websites think your content is interesting, they will link to it. Those links are called, backlinks. The more backlinks your website has, the more authority you’ll have. And the more authority you have, the better you will rank on Google.

The difficulty is getting those backlinks. The long method is to reach out to blogs, news media, and other organizations in your industry. Ask them if they’d be interested in letting you submit a short piece of writing addressing a topic relevant to your business. This will give your business a little free marketing and get you a backlink to your website from theirs. Also, by reaching out to relevant organizations and businesses, you may be able to make the connections necessary to have a feature, an interview, or a mention in an online publication.

The easier way is to hire an organic SEO specialist like LinkNow Media. With over 10 years in the roofing marketing industry, we’ve built longstanding connections with high-authority websites. By signing on with LinkNow, we will leverage those connections to create the backlinks you need to get you ranking on Google!

Local SEO for Roofing Contractors

If you’re like most roofing companies, you get most of your leads from local people in your area. Local SEO is your one-way ticket to local leads!

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or not, you need to get on Google Maps. To do that, you need to create a Google My Business (GMB) profile that will make your business searchable for locals on-the-go.

Your GMB profile is designed to concentrate all the essential information that consumers need right on Google Maps:

  • ⇢ Company name
  • ⇢ Address or service area
  • ⇢ Phone number
  • ⇢ Type of business
  • ⇢ Pictures of previous work
  • ⇢ Link to website
  • ⇢ Reviews
  • ⇢ Hours of operation

The two most important parts of local SEO are:

Keep Your NAP Updated Across All Business Directories

Think of GMB as a business directory. Then remember that every business directory that exists online is indexed by Google. If there is wrong information on your GMB profile or on any directory available online, Google won’t trust your roofing company. That will make it very hard to rank in local searches on Google Maps.

Keep your name, address, and phone number up to date everywhere it appears online. This may include:

  • ⇢ Yelp
  • ⇢ Facebook
  • ⇢ GMB
  • ⇢ Bing
  • ⇢ Apple Maps
  • ⇢ Yellow Pages
  • ⇢ SuperPages

2. Get Lots of Reviews and Respond to Them

Google My Business encourages consumers to read reviews before purchasing a product or enlisting a company for a service. Did you know that 86% of users check reviews before making a purchase?

It’s your responsibility to get reviews after every roof you install, repair, or work on. Make sure they are good reviews and, if possible, encourage your clients to leave lots of details. Respond to every review in a timely and polite manner, regardless of whether they are good or bad. It’s your time to shine. Show Google and your future clients that you’re a real professional dedicated to serving your customers.

Reviews are not just about reputation. They will also help you rank in local searches. Do not underestimate them! Accelerate your ranking and generate great leads from Google Maps with local SEO.



Social Media for Roofers

Facebook and other social media platforms have made it easier than ever to reach out to potential clients, engage with current clients, and keep up with past ones. It is, first and foremost, a communications tool that will allow you to engage with an audience.

In a world that’s full of frauds and fakes, social media gives business owners the chance to show that they’re real, authentic, and professional. Post relevant articles and blogs written by roofing industry leaders. Stir up conversations about roofing topics. Inspire customers with beautiful pictures of your previous work. Social media gives you the tools to show your true colors to your clients.

It’s all about direct and consistent engagement. Post a few times a week about something your clients might be interested in—a new project, charity work, or otherwise. Show them you’re available and open to online discussions. Before you know it, you’ll be expanding your network of potential leads (known on Facebook as “Followers”) beyond referrals!

Need Help with SEO for Roofers? Contact LinkNow Media.

We are an industry leader in SEO and digital marketing for roofers. With industry-specific websites, content written by roofing experts, and a team of SEO specialists, we’ll work hard to boost your Google ranking and get you the leads you need!

If you’re interested in getting more clients for your roofing business in 2020, consider LinkNow Media for SEO. Leave us a comment below and we’ll get in touch with you straight away!

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