7 Tips For SEO That Works For Small Businesses

Looking for a boost in business? See how you can get SEO that works with these 7 tips for your small business.

Are you aware of how important SEO (search engine optimization) is to your business? It's not enough to just pull together some social media marketing tools to reach out to your targeted audience. Sometimes you need to delve deeper into what makes a website more desirable in comparison to dozens of competitors sites.

What if I told you that having the right SEO that works can significantly improve your website generated revenue?

Yes, adding strong SEO keywords that boost your page views will work.

These are the 7 best tips for SEO that works for small businesses like yours.

7. Local Search Is Even More Competitive

According to Search Engine Land, local search has dominated in 2017 has a highly competitive marketing niche.

You need to continue to stay ahead of the game by acting fast to secure the best SEO that works for your small business by incorporating the best SEO tools possible to ensure that your website is listed on Google. Visit Moz to check and see if your customers are able to find your business online or not.

From there (when you enter your business name) Moz can analyze, review, and interpret how your customers are finding out about your business. Moz looks at all search engines: Google, Bing, and even more specific local searches to determine how well your local SEO is performing.

6. Revise What You Already Have

Guess what you are probably not doing? Updating your old content to look its best! One of the best tips we can offer you to see SEO that works is to look back at all the content you've already posted on your website to clean it up a bit.

Refreshing your data by adding updated captions or providing additional links to newer content will not only drive traffic back to your old stuff, but it can direct your customers to read up on what's happening in the now!

  • • Add links to newer posts to keep your customer in the loop on what is going on with your website in the present tense
  • • Provide helpful links for your customer to subscribe to your e-mail list or follow you on your social media accounts
  • • Update your posts with rich content (videos, images) to keep your website, and all additional pages worth paying attention to

In addition to updating extremely old content, don't forget to continue to update your website with brand new content on a regular basis.

People like to see you post new content to a blog every day, but if that is too much, a minimum of 3-5 times per week is perfect for outstanding revenue potential. Focusing on a strong combination of new and old content is a sure way to improve your overall SEO ranking and is your first tip to producing SEO that works. In case you didn't already know, we provide top-notch website re-design assistance services:

Do you need help redesigning your outdated layout? See if our Ready To Go Websites package is right for you!

5. Keep Your Page Speed Low

You shouldn't have to let your page download for more than a few seconds It's important to prevent potential customers from leaving your site before they even start clicking away at your products. You need high conversation rates to improve your SEO score, so keeping people interested in your home page will help.

In terms of the images you post on your site, use photo editing software to ensure that your photos are not huge files.

A few classic editing websites are Pixlr , BeFunky , and Picmonkey

Keeping the files down to 3-5 mb in size is key for any website to flow properly. People have super short attention spans and do not have time to sit and wait for your large images to pop up, they will simply ex-out of the page in no time flat!

There is a tool that will measure your Page Speed so you can determine how fast your website is functioning to make any necessary changes to optimal customer satisfaction.

4. Identify Your Main Customer

Who are you selling your products to? Do you own a tea shop?

Make sure your customers are people who are searching for "organic tea" or "tea for headaches" to guide them to your tea shop for all their needs. Once you identify your top customers you can target them with the most important SEO keywords used to attract those very specific people. SEO keywords are how you can precisely eliminate the visitors that will browse your site without finding it as interesting as people who are actively searching for your product online.

One tool that is essential to discovering what keywords are relevant to your customer is Answer The Public , an alternative to Google that will give you even more insight into who your customer is.

3. Hone In On the Local Factor

If you own a small business, are you promoting it correctly? Keep your local community in the loop by claiming your business online. You don't know how many businesses are not claiming them online! It's rather easy to do and is very beneficial to both your end of the business and to your customers' experiences.

Own a restaurant, for example?

Go to your Yelp page and make sure that everything looks good.

    •From what reviews are showing up first to posting the correct hours of operation, your information is imperative to creating happy customers that know what's up.

    • Provide feedback to some unpleasant reviews and offer people some discount opportunities if they want to come back another time.

    • Add in some high-resolution images of the best cuisine you prepare at your restaurant to entice new customers to try your place out the next time they are visiting.

These backlinks are proven to help you boost your SEO efforts dramatically and are a way to improve your sights on creating the best SEO that works.

2. Ask For Customer Feedback

Yelp is one way to reach out to your audience, but what about if your audience wants to reach out to you? Have a direct page on your website for you to interact with your customers on a regular basis to increase customer reviews. You also should note that easy access to this page is important to keep in mind when developing your website layout.

Include an identifiable "feedback" or "customer review" tab on the top of your website homepage, or allow comments to be written on products for even more chances at receiving customer feedback. You need to be able to connect with the people who take the time out of their busy lives to log onto YOUR website.

    • Having positive reviews will also contribute to improving your SEO rank.

    •If you need a Rank Booster , we gotcha covered with our powerful link building strategy

    •Don't forget: The more positive attention your website receives, the more intrigue it creates for your loyal customers and for new ones alike.

Asking for customer feedback is one other powerful example of how you will establish SEO that works for your small business.

1. Social Media Is Your Friend

Hopefully, you are not tired of sending out tweets to promote your business just yet. Social media is a huge tool that you must incorporate into your daily life as a business owner, whether you like it or not.

Yes, it can get redundant to post the same information over and over again--but try to make it FUN by interacting with your customers who love your products! Having social media presence is no longer something you can put off to the side and ignore. Social media only works if you put in the effort it takes to make it work for YOU.

Being an active participant in the world of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and so on is where you will generate your highest traffic sources from.

For example: Say you tweet about a discount code for your business to promote sunscreen during the hot summer months. Encourage other people to promote the tweet by giving everyone who retweets it a free item with their purchase of the sunscreen. Making people happy with a few freebies is your answer to SEO that works in the most organic nature possible.

We live in a world that is now saturated with countless bloggers and Instagrammers who constantly use social media to market themselves to millions of loyal followers. If the Kardashians can make loads of fast cash from easily promoting products online, then so can you.

Wrapping Up

If you still don't totally understand SEO, that's OK! Honestly, it's a tricky topic to get right off the bat.

Keep your business from becoming a boring wasteland by following our tips to make your website include top SEO that works.

You don't have to be a huge SEO wiz to have a successful business plan that will have the right SEO that works. These 7 easy tips for small businesses are important knowledge that you need to develop the best SEO for your small business plan.

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