RankBooster Pyramid
  • 1 Article
  • With 6 In Content Links
  • 3 Top Level Blogs
  • 3 blogs with 1 Post Each
  • Total 3 posts
189+ Web 2.0 and Social Media Backlinks
50 Public Posts
$119.95 /month
  • 5 Articles
  • With 32 In Content Links
  • 4 Top Level Blogs
  • 3 blogs with 5 posts each
  • 1 blog with 1 post
  • Total of 16 posts
894+ Web 2.0 and Social Media Backlinks
200 Public Posts
$309.95 /month
  • 24 Articles
  • With 48 In Content Links
  • 8 Top Level Blogs
  • 8 blogs with 3 articles each
  • Total of 24 posts
1039+ Web 2.0 and Social Media Backlinks
200 Public Posts
$349.95 /month

RankBooster Explained

What is RankBooster? In short it is code for POWERFUL LINK BUILDING. The meat of all SEO work is link building. This is how the major search engines determine that your website carries authority and is popular with people who use the internet. When people like things – they link to it. They share it. Once search engines see that people are linking to your site and even more importantly people are linking to sites that talk about you they start to rank you higher in their search engine result pages where all the quality traffic is.

RankBooster creates that authority for you, letting Google and other search engines know that your website is important. Our strategy was originally developed for our clients that were in the most vicious and competitive markets that required a tough solution. We focused 100% of our efforts on creating a natural, viral linking structure that precisely follows the pattern of how content becomes viral on the web. There is no magic button, just a well-oiled machine link building system that has been perfected over years with real data from the marketplace.

Whether you are an electrician or a lawyer, link building for SEO purposes is that blister on your foot. It is incredibly time-consuming, it is boring and most business owners rarely have the patience to implement it properly. Outsourcing it to a professional can give you the proper link building structure and effectiveness you have been looking for. LinkNow Media has been successfully powering the search engine results pages of businesses across North America for years with our RankBooster program. Jump on board today – you’ll be glad you did!

Natural Link Building

Everyone has seen a viral video at least once. It’s like a virus, it’s everywhere infecting everything with its very presence. While it is obviously impossible to create a “fake” viral content on the internet – something is viral or it isn’t – what we do is on a smaller scale and mimics the way something becomes viral with our link building strategy.

Link Authority (Orange -> Red)

Authority is the very first thing that you need in order to start ranking well. Our first step is building mini top level web properties that link directly back to your website on high authority blogging site such as WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Webs & Blogster. These will serve as the “patient 0” for our viral structure. We optimize these properties with relevant, original articles, video and pictures. We design them to be oozing quality content and relevance for your subject matter.

In the real world, when someone posts an article, other sites immediately will begin writing responses and comments to that post. People always have reactions – and they happen quickly. Our Rankbooster programs simulate exactly that. We are creating a viral link structure back to our authority properties that push link juice up through 3 layers that funnel authority directly back to your website.

This includes:

  • Top Level Blogs (Like WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Webs, Blogster & more)
  • Supporting Web 2.0s Properties (FaceBook, Reddit, Twitter & more)
  • Supporting Social Bookmarks (Digg, Delicious & more)
  • Supporting Profile Links

Syndication (Green)

The number two thing that you are going to need in order to rank properly is a high volume of links back to our authority content from the public domain. To search engines this is a huge indication of popularity. Like in radio and television, we call this syndication. When people see a hot deal on the web and they are sharing it like crazy on FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and others. We create a similar amount of link volume across the internet indicating to the search engines that this content is popular.

We don’t create these links all at once – we “slow-drip” each article to our own network of sites over a period of time depending on how many links we are dealing with. By slow-dripping these links, we actually create a natural and steady link velocity meaning that you will receive a natural flow of links over a long period of time rather than all at once.

This includes:

  • Public Blog Posts