Your 2017 Online Marketing Plan

2017 marketing plan

2016 was a big year for digital marketing Hoo boy. It’s been quite a year, huh? It’s been a year of big changes all around, and the digital marketing world has been no different. SEO was shaken up in 2016 by a series of Google updates. Between the update to Penguin, the unconfirmed “Possum” update, and Google doubling down on their commitment to mobile-first search, a lot of people saw their rankings change in 2016. We also saw Google’s RankBrain really start to make a huge impact in the search results (and elsewhere, like in Google Translate). RankBrain, using machine learning, is helping Google better understand the content and purpose of websites as well as understand searcher intent better. This was also the year when marketers went crazy for online video. Video has been a digital marketing staple for years, but with Facebook and Twitter jumping on the autoplaying video […]

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