Things Looking Worse and Worse for YouTube’s Growing Ad Scandal Fallout

Google can’t seem to catch a break. Once the darling of the online marketing industry, its video-sharing service YouTube has been plagued by scandal after scandal. In fact, we’ve covered several of them on this very blog. And it looks like the march of pain is due to continue, with major telecommunications company Cisco savaging YouTube in a now-deleted blog post. And guess what? This blog post was written by none other than Cisco’s chief marketing officer, Karen Walker, on the subject of protecting brand safety. The original version of the post contained a paragraph explaining that, “While Google and Facebook have made some strides to combat the issue [of brand safety]…[Cisco] has pulled all online advertising from YouTube until the platform has met standards.” Okay, so that’s pretty safe language. But coming from the chief marketing officer of a giant Internet company taking aim at another one? I can […]

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How to Create Your Brand Voice

how to create your brand voice

Give your business a social media identity The way we choose to communicate says a lot about us, and this applies to companies just as much as it does to human beings. When most small businesses first create social media accounts, they’re just thinking that this is a new way to get information to their customers. But if you haven’t thought carefully about your brand voice, you may be missing opportunities to connect – or worse, alienating customers! What is a brand voice? Put simply, a brand voice is the way that your brand communicates with the outside world – the tone you use and the style of your writing. If you haven’t thought about it, you’ve probably just defaulted to using your own voice and style when writing social media posts, but this isn’t always the best route. Why does brand voice matter? Brand voice matters for the same […]

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Lauchlin is part of the content and marketing team at LinkNow Media. He has nearly a decade of experience in copywriting and editing, and spends way too much time on the Internet. He can be reached at and @Lauchlin on Twitter.