Find Fresh Leads Every Year with Evergreen Content

Publishing evergreen content is a sure way to provide value to your audience for an extended period far beyond the publishing date. This type of content is search optimized and will help you rank with search traffic and bring in more visitors to your website. Simply put, creating evergreen content is a genius strategy if you're looking to find fresh leads.

Producing this type of content is much more straightforward than writing seasonal content because you presumably already have considerable knowledge saving you research time. Whether evergreen content comprises just a few pages or 50% of your website, you should produce this type of content if you're looking for an SEO strategy to increase traffic.


How to Present Evergreen Content

There are countless options for producing timeless content that stays relevant long after you create it. The first step is to choose the structure of your blog or article because evergreen content is most often presented in a specific format. Here are a few layout ideas that tend to pair best with evergreen content:

  • Ultimate guides
  • Step-by-step processes
  • How-to
  • Listicle

People want solutions to their problems and guidance on accomplishing something more. As such, give them what they want by answering their questions and providing solutions.


Know Your Audience and Particulate Purpose

When writing content, always develop it with the reader or customer in mind. If you want your evergreen content to bring in fresh leads, you need to know your audience to attract the intended readers. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What is your objective with writing specific content?”
  • “How will your content be used?”
  • “What is your primary goal?”
  • “What problem are you providing a solution for?”
  • “How do you want your readers to feel or respond to your content?”

When you have clear answers to these questions, you can be more deliberate with your content and narrow down the details. Remember that evergreen content is best presented in clear and concise details because most readers want fast answers and solutions. Therefore, if you can provide quick, easy-to-read solutions to their problems, they will be more likely to return, helping your website rank in authority.


How to Find High-Ranking Evergreen Content Topics

Lastly, you need to develop a list of high-ranking topics once you’ve created a list of sample layouts and have an idea of your target audience. If you’ve hit a roadblock and are unsure how to find topic ideas, here are a few proven-to-work strategies that can help you develop a long list of topics.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the golden ticket to creating valuable and high-ranking content. Using reputable tools will give you an idea of whether a topic is seasonal, evergreen, or topical (current). Some of the best keyword research tools are:

Visit Q&A Websites

An excellent way to find evergreen content is to search for long-tail keywords on Q&A websites such as Reddit and Quora. Here you will find specific questions related to your niche, and you can produce specific content catering to the specific evergreen content you find.

Analyze Competing Websites

Staying ahead of your competitors is part of a successful business strategy, and the same goes for producing online content. Staying ahead of your competition is simple. We recommend analyzing their content to determine what keywords work best for them and use it as inspiration.

To step it up a notch, you can use SEO tools that give you insight into which websites in your niche have the most traffic, shares, and backlinks. Here are three highly reputable tools:

Using this data can help you determine what evergreen content to focus on that will bring you fresh leads and help you outrank your competitors.



Finding high-ranking evergreen content ideas isn’t particularly difficult. With the right strategy and a few good SEO tools, your website can easily experience a surge of fresh leads. Using the method outlined above, you can easily create a list of long-tail keywords that help you produce highly converting content.

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