Revolutionizing the World of Web Design

A painter smiling with text overlaid: "Making the small-business life easier."

There was a time when websites cost a fortune, or took an eternity to set up.

But LinkNow’s put a stop to that.

Since 2009, LinkNow’s been changing the name of the web-design game. Our cost-effective marketing solutions have helped businesses across North America get seen, boost profits, and maximize growth. With over 10,000 active clients, LinkNow is leading the way in affordable, value-driven web design.

Join us as we look at LinkNow’s journey and how we continue to make waves across the industry.

Making the Small-Business Life Easier—One Website at a Time

LinkNow began not with a service but with a mission:

To make the small-business life easier.

Co-founders Wesley Mendelovitch and Sonny Bettan realized that one of the biggest hurdles for small business owners was getting a website. Back in 2009, hiring a web design and digital marketing company was a massive investment. It cost a small fortune just to get a website built, let alone pay for maintenance and search engine optimization.

Bottom line: Small businesses had to take on a huge financial burden just to get started.

That’s when we decided to step in.

With an innovative team of designers, marketers, and salespeople, LinkNow was born. Our revolutionary, economies-of-scale service model helped streamline the whole web design process, making it fast, simple, and affordable for small businesses to go live online. We’ve never looked back since—and neither have our clients.

Leading the Way with New Products and Services

LinkNow began with a big idea, but we didn’t stop there.

Since 2009, we’ve continued to blaze a trail in the digital marketing industry. Not only do we keep up with the cutting edge in web design—we also keep releasing new, innovative products that provide constant value to our clients.

From ADA accessibility upgrades to review-management software, we now offer a complete suite of products and services that make running a 21st-century business simpler, easier, and smarter. And by staying ahead of the latest developments, we’re helping our clients stay ahead of their competitors. Always innovating, always improving: That’s the LinkNow way.

5-Star Service, Award-Winning Results

LinkNow is all about making the web a better place to do business. And to do that, we lead by example.

Online marketing sometimes gets a bad rep as something of a cutthroat industry. It’s an industry that often lacks a human connection. That lacks the person-to-person interaction we so want in any business relationship.

At LinkNow, we want to fix that problem.

That’s why we assign every client a dedicated account executive, who serves as the client’s primary point of contact. The account executive works closely with the client, getting to know them to provide a more hands-on, more human experience.

To be sure, there’s a big team behind the scenes. But it’s that human experience provided by our account executives that sets our services apart. It’s that personalized approach that makes us different—and that our clients so highly appreciate.

Our stellar customer service has not gone unnoticed. In addition to a 4.5+ score on Google Reviews, LinkNow has earned countless industry awards and recognitions. Most recently, SEO Blog named us the Best Google My Business SEO Company, Best Link Building SEO Company, Best Local SEO Company, Best Small Business SEO Company, Best SEO Consultant, and more. We’re raising the bar for digital marketers everywhere. And in the process, we’re making the Internet a fairer, more human place.

Always Growing, Despite Tough Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to change our habits, reconfiguring the way we work, live, and interact with others.

These changes have left many businesses in the lurch. We've been lucky enough to work a digital field where remote work has been feasible. But we also know not everyone has been so fortunate.

That's why we've worked hard to help those around us, including the thousands of small businesses we serve.

We acted fast to shift our teams to a 100% remote-work schedule. From there, we worked closely with our hardest-hit clients to meet their needs and help them brace for an economic slump. We adapted by providing flexible payment options, new services, and new products that could help small businesses survive. Our good fortune wasn't ours alone, and so we made sure that not only staff but our clients were well taken care of.

That commitment to our clients has helped us stay resilient even in the toughest of times. It’s also helped us achieve consistent growth. Despite the global recession spurred on by the pandemic, LinkNow’s continued to expand its customer base, earning a spot on the prestigious Growth 500 List for Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2020.

The key to our success? When we face a challenge, we face it head on. When we face adversity, we face it with optimism. When problems inevitably arise, we don’t give up. We evolve. We adapt.

Making a Meaningful Impact—in Business and Beyond

At LinkNow, we believe one person’s success doesn't have to mean another’s failure. When one succeeds, we all benefit.

That’s why we’re always looking to share our success with those around us. We give back not only to our staff and our clients, but also our community. We’re a proud partner of the Batshaw Foundation—a registered charitable organization that provides social support services to children and families—and a regular contributor to local food banks.

Among our recent contributions, we’ve donated to Moisson Montreal and the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Foundation, which supports reconciliation efforts in Canada. Here at LinkNow, we’re committed to making a meaningful impact in everything we do. We’re not just helping make the Internet a better place. We’re also helping make the world one, too.

LinkNow: The Home of Affordable Digital Marketing

LinkNow is North America’s premier small-business web specialist. Trusted by over 10,000 active clients, we’ve set ourselves apart as the top choice for cost-effective marketing, affordable web design, and savvy business solutions.

With our no-contract monthly services, clients only pay so long as they keep seeing value. They can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time—meaning they can take advantage without taking a risk. It’s just one more way we’re setting ourselves apart as a leader in the world of online marketing.

LinkNow has come a long way since our humble beginnings. But believe us when we say this: We’re only just getting started.






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