3 Reasons Cleaning Companies Need to be Online

Does my cleaning service company need a website?

Here at LinkNow Media, we get this question a lot. These days, everyone has heard about how effective online marketing can be, and small businesses are looking for any way to get an edge. But cleaning and janitorial companies are usually relatively low tech, so owners of these companies are sometimes skeptical about whether they would actually benefit from having a website.

Well, let me tell you – online marketing can be extremely effective for cleaning and janitorial services, and if you haven’t already dipped your toe into the online world, there’s no better time than right now. Here are 3 big reasons that you need to get your cleaning business a website right away.

1.      People are already looking for you online

Let me just show you this.

Screenshot of AdWords

As you can see, there are tens of thousands of people searching for cleaning services online.


Every month, over 85,000 people in the United States go to Google and search for these phrases. 91% of consumers are now searching online when they want to hire a local business, and this is as true for people who want to hire a janitorial company as it is for anyone else.

If you can get your company to be one of the top results for these 85,000 people searching for your services every month, I don’t need to tell you how big a deal that could be.

Well, the first step on gaining access to this huge market is creating a website.

2.      Online reviews are hugely influential

Delicious pizza

I need to stop writing these posts while I'm hungry.

If you’ve ever gone online and looked for a place to eat, you know how important online reviews can be to the decision making process. Well, reviews are just as important for businesses who want to hire a new cleaning company as they are for college students looking for a new pizza place.

One of the most important aspects of online marketing is managing your Google listing and your online reviews. Even if someone learns about your company through word of mouth, they’re going to go online to learn what they can about you before they hire you. If they google your competitor and see a bunch of positive reviews, then google you and see nothing, who do you think they’ll choose?

Reviews of cleaning companies

Which of these companies would you choose, if this were the only information you had about them?

You can also add testimonials from satisfied clients directly to your website. Testimonials are one of the best ways to convince potential customers of your professionalism.

3.      Cleaning companies photograph well

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and nothing makes as big of an impression for a cleaning and janitorial company as before and after photos. If your website includes a photo gallery of the high quality work that you’ve done, there’s no better advertisement.

A woman cleaning a window

People believe it when they see it. Show them what you can do.

If a potential customer can look at the work you’ve already accomplished, it can help them picture what you can do for them. This is one of the big reasons websites are so valuable for cleaning companies – it gives you a place to showcase your talents. Potential customers can get a much better idea of the quality of work they’ll be able to expect from you than they would from an ad in the Yellow Pages.

Janitorial service companies clean up online

Like some other industries, janitorial and cleaning companies have been relatively slow to adapt to the internet. This means that those companies that do embrace online marketing have a big advantage. Especially if you are in a smaller city or town, it’s likely that you will be beating many of your competitors to the punch and staking out the best online real estate for yourself.

If you run a cleaning or janitorial company, what has your experience been with online marketing? Do you have any success stories or struggles? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on Twitter.

Lauchlin MacDonald

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