Link Roundup – 27 May 2016

Link Roundup

Every week we pick the most interesting or most educational articles we've found online and share them with our readers in our Link Roundup.

This week, we found three big ones we think you'll find valuable.

The future of voice-related SEO for local business


Search Engine Land published a great post by Chris Marentis all about the nuances of creating website content with the rise of voice search in mind.

5 BIG Changes Coming to AdWords: Everything You Need to Know


This article from Larry Kim at WordStream covers all the big changes coming to AdWords that were revealed at the Google Performance Summit this week. Essential reading for anyone who relies on PPC to promote their business.

Content Marketing: The Definitive Guide


This HUGE guide from the folks at More Demand gives us everything we might want to know about content marketing - from what it is exactly to a step-by-step guide to using it effectively to promote your business. Check it out!

That's it for this week. Did you find any of these articles useful, or do you have any questions? Leave a comment or drop us a line on Twitter.


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