Link Roundup – Friday, February 19 2016

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Why You Need to Be Careful When Hiring an SEO, According to Google

why careful seo

Google representatives gave a warning this week that the wrong SEO company can do more harm than good - something that most online marketing companies have been warning people of for years.

How to Spice Up Your Next Content Marketing Campaign


This collection of tips from SEMrush's weekly #semrushchat on Twitter gives lots of great tips for how to shake things up with your content marketing to be a bit more effective.

28 Powerful Tips on How to Write Cold Emails That Will Actually Get a Response

28 Powerful Tips on How to Write Cold Emails That Will Actually Get a Response

If you're planning to start a new email campaign soon, you need to check out this great guide to writing marketing emails from CognitiveSEO.

5 Link-Building Techniques You’ve Been Neglecting


Link-Building can be a time consuming and discouraging task, but Search Engine Land is here with some advice on tactics you may have missed.

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