Why is Text Content So Important to Help Market a Website

Once upon a time in a land not so far away if you wanted to SEO your website and increase its rank, you could simply cram your website as full of whatever keywords you wanted. Some less scrupulous site owners would even go so far as to populate their site with popular, but non-relevant keywords. This technique was effective for driving traffic to site who wanted to display ads and didn’t care about recurring traffic.

SEO is no longer for con men. We do business every day with respectable, hard working business owners looking to market their products and services to people in their communities. This means a couple of things: first, they want their visitors to keep coming back and second they are going to need compelling content to do it!

“Content is King” is a saying I have heard for a long time in the business. While it is very true – very few people actually understand what it means. A website’s content, possibly even more so than its actual products is what is going to attract visitors. People tell me all the time they wish to strip the content off their website because people don’t read. While it is true that people don’t read everything – they read what they need. So creating well organized, compelling content is extremely important also bearing in mind that search engines index everything. So while a section of your site may be irrelevant to some – it isn’t to others – and it isn’t to the search engines.

There are two main factors to take into consideration when creating web content. Quality of the content produced and the Quantity of the content produced.

The quality of the content is important to produce a well polished image for your company. Creating content that is poorly written from grammatical standpoint or full of lazy typos can make your business look unprofessional and lazy to some readers. It also means that it should be rich in relevant keywords while at the same time being informative and interesting to read. This was the visitor comes away feeling they’ve actually learned something – and maybe will come back the next time they need to know!

You also have to consider how regularly you are updating your website with fresh content – Quantity. While visitors may come back to read a specific informational article a few times to ensure he has sponged up all the information – if the content is never updated – then he has no reason to return!

How often should content be updated? Experts differ – and I have my own opinions based on the type of customers I serve. My main client base is local-based service providers. Updating content 1 time a day is far too frequent in my opinion – but definitely a few times a year (say 3 or 4) is highly recommended. Make sure it is spaced out – going for months with no content – then suddenly adding 10 pages of content is not going to have a much bigger effect than posting only 1 article.

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