Google Guarantee: What It Is and How It Works

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Google Guarantee is one of Google's latest search features. It's also one of the best ways to get leads, grow your business, and stand out from your competitors.

But not everyone can take advantage.

In this post, you'll learn what Google Guarantee is, whether you qualify for the program, and how you can use it to generate leads at minimal cost.

Let's get started.

What Is Google Guarantee?

Google Guarantee is a new search feature designed to vet and recognize the most reliable, reputable businesses.

Like Google Ads, Google Guarantee is a type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program in which businesses pay, not for how many ads they run, but for how many times a user engages with the ad.

Unlike Google Ads, Google Guarantee requires that Google screen, verify, and approve your business before you can run ads through the program. It's a much more rigorous program designed to weed out businesses with a less-than-stellar customer satisfaction score.

That's because, with Google Guarantee, Google backs the service you provide. If you're Google Guaranteed and a customer is not satisfied with your service, Google will at its discretion reimburse the customer up to $2000USD/CAD for the service provided.

Officially, Google Guarantee ads are called Local Services Ads. They appear at the very top of the Google search results page with a badge below the company name:

Image shows display of Local Services Ads for "plumber in boston," with the Google Guaranteed badge below each business.

The big advantage of Google Guarantee? Your ad budget is almost never wasted. Whereas Google Ads charges you every time a user clicks on your ad, Google Guarantee charges you only when a client actually contacts you through your ad. That difference makes Google Guarantee a much simpler and more reliable source of high-quality, cost-effective leads.

The Benefits of the Google Guarantee

The Google Guarantee badge will immediately help your business stand out in your market area. Many consumers already trust the Google platform for purchasing decisions, so this feature can have a significant impact on the credibility of your business.

Google Guaranteed businesses are also placed above pay-per-click ads in search results, which makes this feature ideal for businesses with a lot of local competition.

The Google Guarantee can aid businesses with attracting organic traffic without the time and monetary investments of paid advertisements.

How to Become Google Guaranteed

The first step in becoming Google Guaranteed is to make sure your business is eligible. You can use this form to see if you qualify. Google is constantly expanding the areas and industries that qualify for this feature, so you can continue to check back if it is not currently available for you.

Once you know that the Google Guarantee is offered in your area, the next step will be to apply and become vetted. Google will check your business license, insurance, and other aspects of your operation to ensure you meet their qualifications. If you pass the screening process, your business will be rewarded with the Google Guarantee badge on your profile.

Looking to Get Google Guaranteed?

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