91 Leads in The First Month of Google Ads!

A New LinkNow Record – 91 Leads in The First Month of Google Ads!

Are you looking to sign up new customers fast?

With pay-per-click marketing, you can see quick results.

Through Google Ads, LinkNow will promote your business at the top of Google’s first page.

We recently generated 91 leads for one of our Google Ads clients in his first month!

Read on to find out how we did it.

Background Info

Our client runs a party-bus business. He transports partygoers in luxurious limousine buses. His services are booked for special events, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more.

His business is very successful. Before working with us, he was already booked up most nights of the week. He approached us because he still had downtime. There were always a few evenings where at least one of his buses sat idle.  

He wanted a marketing program that could reliably and consistently provide new customers. His short-term goal was to maximize his return from his existing fleet. In the long run, he wants to expand and buy more buses. He sat down with us to figure out if there was a marketing program that made sense for his vision.

Is Pay Per Click Too Expensive in the Big City?

Our client operates in a large metropolitan area. He was worried the competition would make pay-per-click marketing cost prohibitive.

While it’s true that too many companies vying for the same clicks will drive up costs, that doesn’t mean you can’t run a profitable Google Ads program in a competitive environment.

For this client, extremely high quality-scores meant we got him valuable clicks at a relatively low average cost per click. We achieved these low costs because our ad copy, keyword selection, and landing pages blew his competition out of the water.

We also exceeded our target conversion rate for his campaign, so our client was getting TONS of leads.

As soon as we launched, leads started pouring in. We broke our first month lead record!

Here’s How We Did It

There’s an important relationship between quality score and cost per click. If you have a higher quality score, your cost per click will be lower, and vice versa.

The quality score is a scoring system Google uses for Google Ads advertisers. Advertisers that create a great experience for Google users or searchers are given a better quality-score.

What constitutes a great ad experience is determined by many factors. Two important ones are how relevant your ads and landing pages are to the searchers you’re showing them to.

Google rewards advertisers that create a good ad experience by charging them less for each click. This was crucial for this client.

Ad experience is judged relative to the other advertisers targeting the same keywords. Since we created a better ad experience and achieved higher quality scores than our client’s direct competitors, his average cost per click was significantly lower. 

A lower average cost per click helped our client’s budget reach very far. Even though he was in an area with a lot of competition, his campaign thrived. He was getting leads left, right, and center!

How Did We Achieve Such Amazing Quality Scores?

Through years of testing, tweaking, and refining, we’ve developed a winning Google Ads formula. We make sure every keyword, ad, and landing page perfectly match.

Whenever a searcher uses a keyword we’re targeting for one of our clients, they’ll see an ad that perfectly matches that specific keyword. A searcher who uses the phrase “house painter near me” will see an add specifically for house painting services. When the searcher clicks on the ad, they’ll see a landing page that’s also built to appeal to a searcher using that keyword. It will be loaded with pictures of house painting, selling points for these services, testimonials, and more.

Check out an example landing page here.

This means each element of our campaigns is extremely relevant to every searcher who sees them.

Our formula sets us apart from the more general approach taken by most Google Ads advertisers. The average campaign uses catch-all ads and landing pages. Searchers who see these ads see general information built to appeal to a broad range of keywords and searches. These ads will never be as relevant as ours.

That’s why our quality scores regularly reach 8/10, 9/10, and 10/10.  We create a much better ad experience than our competitors do.

Irresistible Promos Boost for an Incredible Conversion Rate

We also exceeded our target conversion rate to get even more leads than expected for our client.

Having searchers click on our ads is only half the battle. We need prospects to contact our clients and ultimately become their customers. A “conversion” is when a searcher makes a phone call or sends an email to become a lead.

One of the best ways to achieve a high conversion rate is to offer a promotion to new customers. It doesn’t have to be a substantial discount. Even a small offer can have a big psychological effect.

Our client offered an hour free for all party bus bookings of 5 hours or longer. We put this information right in the ad copy and prominently displayed it on his landing page.

This promotion, along with our ad formula, had searchers contacting our client in droves.

That’s how we broke our record and achieved 91 leads for our client in his first month of Google Ads.

Conclusion – Google Ads Can Create Outstanding Results FAST

Google Ads is a fantastic way to generate new customers for your business.

Pay-per-click marketing allows us to showcase your business at the top of Google’s first page in just a few days.

Our winning Google Ads formula often significantly outshines our clients’ competition. We take the time to build organized, robust campaigns that show the most relevant information possible to searchers.

We would love to build a highly profitable Google Ads campaign for your business. We want to break our first month record again!

Contact a member of our Google Ads team now and we’ll get started!

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