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Search engine optimization: your building block to the top.


Find new leads. Build your brand. Grow your business.

With our SEO services for masonry companies, you can do all three.

We are North America’s leading small business digital marketing specialist, and we’re proud to specialize in digital marketing for masonry contractors. Our search engine optimization (SEO) services empower you, helping you connect with clients, improve your online visibility, and drive sales and transactions. And with the most cost-effective marketing solutions in North America, we’ll not only help you grow your customer base: We’ll also save you money.

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Search Engine Solutions, Trusted by Over 10,000 Business Owners

At LinkNow, we develop strategic SEO solutions that give you more bang for your buck. With over 10,000 active clients, we’ve proved ourselves the most trusted digital marketer for small and medium-sized businesses, including masonry contractors.

With our SEO services, you will:

  • ✔ Improve your ranking on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
  • ✔ Increase brand awareness and online visibility
  • ✔ Expand your web presence
  • ✔ Drive sales and transactions
  • ✔ Maximize growth and profitability

The Most Cost-Effective Marketing in North America

There’s a reason so many business owners choose us.

We’re proud to offer the most cost-effective digital marketing services in North America. By utilizing streamlined marketing models, we’re able to drive down costs without compromising results. We work on an economies-of-scale basis to maximize your return on investment. Pound for pound, our SEO services punch well above their weight.

The Result Speak for Themselves

This client came to us in December 2018 with no website. In January 2019, we launched a brand-new website for them, and within a month, we had them ranking for over 300 keywords—all within the top 50 of Google. Since then, they’ve witnessed explosive growth, with their number of top-50 keywords rising to 1813 in April 2020. In the short span of a year, they’ve gone from zero results to well over a thousand.

This client came to us with severe ranking problems. In January 2019, they had only 37 keywords in the top ten position in their local area. After just nine months with us, they had 2166, with 610 in the number one position, and over half in the top five. By April 2020, they were smashing it out of the park with 761 keywords in the number one position. Talk about results.


Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

We offer comprehensive marketing solutions tailored to your needs and niche.

Through precise geo-targeting and robust keyword research, we help you target only the kinds of customers you want. Each month, we’ll grow your web presence with fresh, authoritative content, raising your visibility to maximize clicks and conversions.

Our SEO services include:

  • Citation Creation: A citation is any mention of your business online in a business directory, such as Yelp or YellowPages. LinkNow will manage your citation profile, update existing citations, and create new ones to give you the most circulation on the internet possible. We’ll make sure your business information is displayed correctly across the internet so you send a clear and consistent message.
  • Authority-Building Backlinks: A backlink is any link from one website back to your website. They show authority, indicating others find your content worth sharing. LinkNow will pursue ambitious link-building campaigns to get you high-quality backlinks across the internet on relevant web domains. We leverage our industry-wide contacts to find you new opportunities, helping grow your web presence with valuable new connections.
  • Landing Page Optimization: A landing page is a sales page targeting a particular niche within your industry. Geo-specific, they help you attract clients within an area you serve. LinkNow will create search-engine-optimized landing pages designed to rank well and convert visitors to customers. Targeting your preferred marketing areas, we’ll help you climb the ranks for competitive keywords in your local area.
  • Social Media Management: Social media can help you connect with customers through powerful storytelling and engaging communication. We’ll help you make the most of it with our social media management services. Each month, we’ll curate professionally written social media posts to be published across your accounts, helping you grow your audience, build your brand, and enhance customer engagement.

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Google Ads Management

Need leads now? We have you covered.

As a certified Google Partner, LinkNow offers Google Ads management services for instantaneous sales opportunities. With our services, you’ll have a dedicated campaign manager who will work with you to define the scope of your campaign, develop high-quality ads, and convert traffic into calls and customers. We’ll also refine your campaign as it progresses, ensuring only the best leads get through to minimize ad waste. Over time, you’ll spend less on every lead—and you’ll earn more.

See how one client got 291 phone calls for just $999


  • ✔ Instant sales opportunities
  • ✔ Immediate ad feedback
  • ✔ Total customizability for max ROI
  • ✔ Guaranteed results through Google Guarantee

Key Features:

  • ✔ Dedicated campaign manager
  • ✔ No contract
  • ✔ Custom conversion pages
  • ✔ Continuous optimization
  • ✔ Robust lead tracking
  • ✔ Monthly analytic reports

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Pay Month to Month, Cancel Anytime

You read that right. All our services are strictly month to month, with no contract whatsoever.

You can try our services for as long as you like. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time at no extra cost. We’re upfront like that.

We believe you should only have to pay for a service if you’re getting something out of it, so we never lock you into anything. We’re just that confident in our services and the value they provide.

After all, over 10,000 clients stick with us, month after month, and none of them are under contract. They all stick with us because they keep seeing results. Join them—and discover what a difference our services can make.

Your Top Choice for Masonry SEO Services

When it comes to SEO for masons, LinkNow is your go-to choice. Our strategic solutions and money-saving techniques have helped countless masons grow their audience, find new clients, and achieve success.

See what they can do for you.

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