The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

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There are more than 5,585 digital marketing companies in the US alone. The sheer size of the industry can make it difficult to find a company you can trust, so let’s show you how to sift through them.

When looking for a reliable, professional agency, it’s important to ask questions before hiring them. Here are the five questions you should always ask when interviewing digital marketing agencies.

(Bonus: Read to the end for one of the best interview questions!)

The 5 Questions to Ask Any Digital Marketing Company

1.     Do you guarantee first-page rankings? (They better not…)

This is a big one, and it’s a question with a definite yes-no answer. So, let’s cut to the chase:

Any company that guarantees they’ll get you to the first page of Google is lying.

No one can guarantee your website will hit the front page. No one can definitively say their process will get you to the top. The only way to do that is through paid advertisements with Google Ads. Otherwise, where you fall in the search results is for the algorithm to decide.

So much of your ranking depends on not just what you’re doing, but what your competitors are doing. If they’re putting more time, money, and effort into their marketing, you’re going to have a harder time ranking. No matter how good of a marketing agency you have behind you, they can’t guarantee you’ll outrank your competitors.

If you hear someone say, “We’ll get you to the top of Google,” beware. That’s a red flag: they’re promising more than they can deliver. They’re overselling their services—and by choosing them, you’ll be selling yourself short. Choose another company that promises realistic results.

Now, that’s not to say a marketing company can’t help you reach the top of Google. There are proven, tried-and-true strategies that will help you climb the ranks. We’ve seen it time and again with our clients who rank #1 for search terms in their industry. Still, we never guarantee anything because we know we’d be lying. Don’t fall for it when someone tells you they’ll get you to the top.

Okay. Rant over. Let’s move on.

2.     Do you outsource any part of your services?

Many digital marketing companies will outsource some part of their process to cut costs. But that can be a big problem.

Outsourcing usually means less accountability, less hands-on control, and a natural dip in quality. Generally, when an SEO company outsources their work, they’ll hire short-term writers, designers, and other creative contractors using some online platform.

Those contractors are the real ones working on your web presence. But you have no direct line of communication with them. Instead, you’re stuck with the middleman—the company—who can liaise between you but offers no real value themselves. They get a slice of the pie without bringing any ingredients.

When choosing a digital marketing firm, avoid the ones that outsource some part of their process. Instead, choose one that does everything in-house. You’ll have more accountability and more direct control over your marketing services.

3.     How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns?

Every digital marketing firm should give you some way to see success from their services. They should provide you with actionable, measurable data that shows your marketing campaigns.

At LinkNow, we provide our clients with detailed ranking reports that show keyword positions, individual keyword rankings, and change over time:

Sample page of ranking report showing keywords by position and keywords in top 50 positions over time.

A sample ranking report.

Our reports ensure each client knows precisely how their marketing package is performing. They can see concretely what we’re doing and what value they’re getting out of our services. When interviewing potential agencies, don’t be afraid to ask for a sample report like this. It should be straightforward and easy to read.

4.     What do you expect from me?

Your digital marketing agency should set clear expectations of what they need from you. And above all, they need an open line of communication.

You should expect to set aside a bit of time to discuss your business—as well as your goals, vision, and values—before making a purchase. Your marketing firm will need those details to develop a strategy tailored to your needs, helping you target your core audience to drive sales and transactions.

As you plant the seeds of your marketing plan, your agency will want to check in to see them blossom. Expect monthly or quarterly meetups—either by phone or videocall, or in person if distance permits—to discuss developments. Regular check-ins will help your agency refine your marketing to ensure better results. After all, collaboration is what makes a good strategy great.

5.     What can I expect in the first 90 days?

Your agency should provide you with a concrete action plan, ideally for at least the first business quarter you’re with them. An experienced agency should have a detail-oriented, step-by-step approach that shows you clearly what to expect and what their strategy is. Otherwise, how do you know what you’re paying for?

Bonus Q: Do Your Marketing Services Come with a Contract?

This is a great question because it gives you a clear indication of whether you can trust a company.

Does the company put you under contract? If they do, that tells you something. It tells you they worry you might not see the value in their services. It tells you they’re not sure they can deliver the results they promise, and that they feel the need to lock you into something—something potentially not worth your money.

When searching for a digital marketing company, make sure their services come with a no-contract guarantee. You shouldn’t have to pay for something you’re not seeing any value from, so always choose a company that works month to month.

Key Takeaways

So what should you look for in a marketing firm? You should find a company that:

  1. Will deliver on promises.
  2. Does everything in-house.
  3. Demonstrates value through measurable results.
  4. Sets clear goals and expectations.
  5. Provides concrete action plans and strategy solutions.
  6. Does not lock you into a contract.

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