5 Tips for Closing Leads from Your Online Marketing Campaign

5 Tips for Closing Leads from Your Online Marketing Campaign

Follow these tips to book as many jobs as possible and maximize your return.

We’re ecstatic that you’ve decided to begin a marketing campaign with LinkNow.

We’re going to be sending people your way who are interested in your services. They’re actively searching online for a company to provide exactly what you have to offer. They’ve found you and want to become your customer, but there’s still a bit of work to do—you need to book the jobs!

We want you to get a great return on your marketing investment, so here are our five best tips to help you sign up as many new customers as possible.

1. Follow up right away.

There’s an old sales adage: time kills all deals.

The longer someone needs to wait for a quote, the less likely they’ll be to book you for the job.

If you wait two days before calling, they’ve almost certainly sent out other inquiries in the meantime.

Strike while the iron’s hot and call as soon as you’ve received their message. If they don’t answer your call, leave a voicemail or send an email. If you don’t hear back from them, try again the following day.

2. Familiarize yourself with the potential customer’s needs and be helpful.

If a potential customer tells you about a specific problem or issue they’re dealing with, take a minute to listen. Someone searching on Google for a company to build a deck may be looking for the perfect outdoor space for family gatherings. Tell them about a similar job you did and how great it was for the customer. Someone searching for a cleaning company may be annoyed that their current cleaners are always late. Reassure them that you’ll be there at the appointed time and tell them about your track record.

Demonstrate that you understand what the potential customer really wants and that you can deliver it. Be there to help them solve their problems. It will go a long way.

3. Always suggest the next step.

Make sure you’re proactively moving the client through your sales cycle. After the initial phone consultation, do you need to go to their location to provide an estimate? Don’t let them hang up until you’ve suggested scheduling a day and time to come by. You’d be surprised how many business owners simply answer a potential customer’s questions and then end the conversation without moving things along.

If a client really wants your services and has already made up their mind, the next steps will naturally happen. Being proactive and asking if they’d like to move forward will help you secure more jobs from people who are on the fence or shopping around.

4. Keep the ball in your court.

How often does someone tell you, “Let me call you back tomorrow”?

How often do they neglect to call you back?

Next time someone tells you that, try saying, “No problem! Or if you’d rather, I can call you back. When would work best for you?”

Your potential customers are as busy as you are. Many of the people you speak with will simply forget to give you a call back if you leave it in their hands. If you take it upon yourself to follow up with them, you’ll have more opportunities and book more jobs.

5. Show value.

Benefits – Costs = Value.

Help potential customers understand what they’re getting out of your services. They’re spending money. What are they getting in return?
With our marketing services, you’re spending money so we can generate leads for your business. The value you’re getting is the profit that you’ll generate through providing your services. You may also see value in a specific type of lead that focuses on jobs that are higher paying or closer to home.

If you find yourself caught up in the mechanisms of your service, it might be useful to step into your customers’ shoes and think about what they’re getting out of it. There are many ways that services give value, whether it’s more free time, more convenience, or financial returns. Show the value of your services to your potential customers and they’ll be signing up in no time!

We hope you’ve found this list helpful. Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to book every job that comes your way!
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