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Towing companies need a strong web presence to attract new clients. LinkNow Media’s here to help you get it.

We are North America’s leading low-cost digital marketing firm. We provide complete digital solutions to help towing companies grow their business with smart, sustainable marketing strategies. Through ongoing search engine optimization (SEO), we help drive traffic to your site, earning you more clicks and calls from customers in your local area. For quality services, affordable prices, and stellar results, LinkNow Media has you covered.

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Grow Your Web Presence

With North America’s Most Cost-Effective Marketing Services

Get more for your money. LinkNow is proud to offer the most cost-effective digital marketing solutions available in North America. We provide affordable services tailored to your needs, helping you grow your online presence without surpassing your budget. Businesses both big and small, new and old, can take advantage of our incredibly competitive rates.

SEO That Works

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the bread-and-butter of effective online marketing. At LinkNow, we develop tailored solutions to give you SEO that works, driving traffic to your site to increase conversions. We use content-driven marketing tactics to perpetually grow your presence with new, customer-oriented content, helping you garner new clicks from new customers. For towing companies, those tactics are invaluable.

With our SEO services, you will:

  • Improve search results on Google, Yahoo!, Bing
  • Build trust with clients
  • Increase your online authority
  • Expand your customer base
  • Maximize growth and profitability

The Results Speak for Themselves

This client came to us in December 2018 with no website. In January 2019, we launched a brand-new website for them, and within a month, we had them ranking for over 300 keywords—all within the top 50 of Google. Since then, they’ve witnessed explosive growth, with their number of top-50 keywords rising to 1813 in April 2020. In the short span of a year, they’ve gone from zero results to well over a thousand.

This client came to us with severe ranking problems. In January 2019, they had only 37 keywords in the top ten position in their local area. After just nine months with us, they had 2166, with 610 in the number one position, and over half in the top five. By April 2020, they were smashing it out of the park with 761 keywords in the number one position. Talk about results.











Better-Built Backlinks

For Unparalleled Authority

We develop powerful backlinks that help you increase your online authority, earning you the trust of Google and consumers alike.

Backlinks are links from one website back to your website. They show you have something worth saying and that others view you as a reputable source of information. Through ambitious link-building campaigns, we provide you with a range of backlinks from high-authority domains. We leverage our industry-wide contacts to find you new backlink opportunities, garnering you higher search rankings in the process.

Business-Boosting Content Marketing Campaigns

On the internet, content is king. That’s why we make it the lynchpin of our SEO strategy.

We create search-engine-optimized landing pages designed to target competitive keywords for your industry. As we write more and more landing pages for you over time, you’ll see your organic web presence grow, improving your online visibility so that more people find you through online search engines. Gradually, you’ll gain more clicks, more calls, and more customers.

Get Leads Now with Google Ads Management

You want leads immediately. You want a fast return on your investment, and we’re here to give it to you.

As a certified Google Partner, LinkNow can help you develop a tailored ad campaign for Google Ads, Google’s sponsored ads program. We’ll create unique, eye-catching ads that capture the attention of the kinds of clients you want. Whether you want to be spotted for roadside assistance or vehicle removal, we’ll get you there with our Google Ads management services.

Best of all, though? We’ll continue to refine your ads campaign, fine-tuning it until we get the perfect return on investment for you. More leads, fewer costs—it’s a win-win.

See how one client got 291 phone calls for just $999


  • Instant sales opportunities
  • Immediate feedback
  • Total customizability for maximum ROI
  • Guaranteed results through Google Guarantee

Key Features:

  • Dedicated campaign manager
  • No contract
  • Custom conversion pages
  • Continuous optimization
  • Robust lead tracking
  • Monthly reporting

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Choose from 5 Cost-Effective Marketing Plans

Find Me Local

  • 5 citations per business quarter
  • Quarterly site maintenance
  • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • On-demand SEO reports

Traffic Plus

  • 10 citations per business quarter
  • 13 backlinks a year
  • Quarterly site maintenance
  • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • On-demand SEO reports

Traffic Frenzy

  • 15 citations per business quarter
  • 26 backlinks a year
  • 4 SEO landing pages a year
  • 3 social media posts a month
  • Quarterly site maintenance
  • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • On-demand SEO reports

Traffic Jam

  • 30 citations per business quarter
  • 52 backlinks a year
  • 12 SEO landing pages a year
  • 3 social media posts a month
  • Quarterly site maintenance
  • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • On-demand SEO reports

Rush Hour

  • 30 citations per business quarter
  • 52 backlinks a year
  • 12 SEO landing pages a year
  • 3 social media posts a month
  • 1 guest post a month
  • Quarterly site maintenance
  • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • On-demand SEO reports

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No Contract Necessary

We’re proud to have over 10,000 clients across North America. But we’re even prouder to say that all of them stick with us of their own choosing. At LinkNow Media, we have a strict no-contract policy, meaning that all our services are month-to-month. You can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade at any time. It’s no problem.

We consider our no-contract policy a measure of our respectability and trustworthiness. We’re just that confident you’ll like our services and see the value of them. After all, 10,000 clients already have—there’s no reason you won’t either.

Join the Digital Revolution with LinkNow Media

Why wait? We’re ready to launch your online presence and see it soar to success. We’re here to help you grow your digital footprint, expand your customer base, and maximize growth and profitability—all while saving you time and money, to boot. All it takes to get started is for you to get in touch with us.

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