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Grow your business with LinkNow Media’s SEO services. With over 10,000 clients, we are North America’s premier digital marketing firm for cleaning companies. We provide personalized marketing solutions that help you expand your digital footprint, reach new customers, and find fresh leads, all while saving you time and money.

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Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, for short) is what gets businesses seen and found online. By leveraging the latest digital strategies, we’re able to raise your online visibility to connect you with the clients who need your services.

With our SEO services, you will:

  • • Grow your web presence
  • • Build trust with clients
  • • Improve search results on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
  • • Expand your customer base
  • • Save time and money

The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions Available

You read that right: LinkNow Media is proud to provide the most cost-effective marketing solutions available in North America. Over time, we’ve perfected the more labour-heavy side of search engine optimization, streamlining it to drive down costs while maximizing results. By working smart, we’re able to keep an agile business model that adapts to our clients’ needs. That includes their need to stick to a budget.

Our prices reflect our commitment to budget-friendly service solutions. Now that having a website is essential for business, we want to make sure small business owners have an affordable option they can count on. We believe all businesses—no matter their revenue—should have a chance to invest in online marketing so they can stay competitive. With our cost-effective solutions, we’re making that vision come true.

Our Marketing Services

Test. Trusted. Proven to Work.

We develop robust marketing strategies that drive traffic to your site, converting clicks into calls and visitors into customers. By taking a broad-based approach, we’re able to deliver consistent results that improve your website’s long-term performance. Through incremental gains, we’ll help you crush the competition. Here’s how:

  • Citation Creation:

    A citation is any mention of your business in an online business directory, such as YellowPages or Angie’s List. LinkNow Media will submit new citations on your behalf, adding your business information to new directories so that you can broaden your base. We’ll also manage your citations, updating and correcting information as needed.

  • Authority-Building Backlinks:

    A backlink is a link from one website back to your website. They’re like currency: The more high-quality backlinks you have, the more likely Google will view you as an authority and, in turn, rank you favourably. To net you quality backlinks, LinkNow Media will pursue ambitious link building campaigns. We will leverage our industry-wide connections to find opportunities and grow your backlink profile each month.

  • Landing Page Optimization:

    A landing page is an optimized Web page designed to rank well and target customers searching for your services. Each month, LinkNow will create specialty landing pages that put you in front of the customers you want. Geo-targeted to your local area, they help you get relevant search traffic that easily converts into new leads.

  • Social Media Management:

    Social Media is a powerful tool that lets you connect with clients in meaningful ways. LinkNow will manage your social media accounts, earning you a strong brand and a loyal following online.

  • Guest Posts:

    A guest post is a post written by you for someone else (or vice versa). They’re an exceptionally useful tool in online marketing, helping enmesh your website in the Internet’s information ecosystem. To help you along, LinkNow Media will create guest posts on your behalf. We’ll develop high-quality posts that help you grow your online authority, build trust with Google, and climb the search results.

Five Flexible Marketing Plans

Choice is important: for you, your clients, and your business. That’s why we give you more of it. We offer five flexible marketing plans for you to choose from. Each offers a complete range of features you won’t find anywhere else at its price point.

Best of all, our marketing plans come with a no-contract policy. You can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade as you like, whenever you like. We’re just that confident in our services. We don’t feel the need to lock you into anything. After all, we have 10,000 clients who choose to stick with us, month after month, not because they need to, but because they want to. They know the value of our services, and we’re confident you will, too, once you experience them yourself.

Find Me Local

  • • 5 citations per business quarter
  • • Quarterly site maintenance
  • • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • • On-demand SEO reports

Traffic Plus

  • • 10 citations per business quarter
  • • 13 backlinks a year
  • • Quarterly site maintenance
  • • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • • On-demand SEO reports

Traffic Frenzy

  • • 15 citations per business quarter
  • • 26 backlinks a year
  • • 4 SEO landing pages a year
  • • 3 social media posts a month
  • • Quarterly site maintenance
  • • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • • On-demand SEO reports

Traffic Jam

  • • 30 citations per business quarter
  • • 52 backlinks a year
  • • 12 SEO landing pages a year
  • • 3 social media posts a month
  • • Quarterly site maintenance
  • • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • • On-demand SEO reports

Rush Hour

  • • 30 citations per business quarter
  • • 52 backlinks a year
  • • 12 SEO landing pages a year
  • • 3 social media posts a month
  • • 1 guest post a month
  • • Quarterly site maintenance
  • • Quarterly on-site SEO check
  • • On-demand SEO reports

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Get Leads Now with Google Ads Management

Looking to attract customers right here, right now? Look no further than our Google Ads management services.

Google Ads is a sponsored advertising platform that puts your business in the Internet’s most prized position: at the very top of Google. As a certified Google Partner, LinkNow can help you develop a comprehensive ad campaign that connects you with the kinds of customers you want. We’ll create high-quality ads for instantaneous sales opportunities, putting you in front of your target audience immediately.


  • • Instant sales opportunities
  • • Immediate feedback
  • • Total customizability for maximized ROI
  • • Guaranteed results through Google Guarantee

Key Features:

  • • Dedicated campaign manager
  • • No contract
  • • Custom conversion pages
  • • Continuous optimization
  • • Robust lead tracking
  • • Monthly reporting

See how one client got 291 phone calls for just $999

For Affordable Online Marketing, Choose LinkNow Media

The revolution is upon us—the revolution of affordable online marketing. LinkNow Media is leading the charge with our cost-effective solutions and results-driven approach. Join us, and set your sights on success.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation today. We can’t wait to get started—and neither should you.

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