The Season of Giving

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LinkNow Media makes a difference

Just like we do every year, this holiday season LinkNow Media participated in a gift campaign for underprivileged children in Montreal organized by the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres. The Batshaw Youth and Family Centres work with children in the foster care system, and every year they get the kids they work with to write letters to Santa. Anyone who wants to participate gets one or more of these letters and purchases gifts to make an underprivileged kid's holidays a bit brighter.

Last year, LinkNow media managed to raise over $10,000 and purchased over 200 gifts for the program. We resolved to do even better this year.

The New Secret Santa

If you follow LinkNow Media on Twitter, you may have seen us tweeting about the #NewSecretSanta. The New Secret Santa is a website we created to help expand the fundraising campaign outside of our company and raise awareness of what the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres are doing for the kids in their program.

We're happy to report that The New Secret Santa worked in a big way. With the help of our employees, their friends and families, the community, and others who heard about the project we bought hundreds of gifts and raised $33,000 ($8,000 more than our goal)!

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in The New Secret Santa this year. It was a huge success, and you've all helped to make the holidays happier for hundreds of kids who really need a little extra brightness and magic in their lives. You've made a huge difference, and we can't thank you enough.

We hope you'll join us next year as well! Thanks again, and happy new year!

Lauchlin MacDonald

Author: Lauchlin MacDonald

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