Link Roundup – Friday, January 29 2015

Link Roundup

The Week in Online Marketing

It was a busy week in the online marketing world, with a lot of great articles getting published. A lot of the posts that resonated with us and our friends on social media this week were about content. Let's check them out!

Why You Won't Recognize SEO in Five Years


This great post from HubSpot goes into how the changing ways that we search are changing SEO.

Intent Marketing: The Life-Changing Magic of Giving People What They Want

keyword intent marketing

WordStream put together a good guide to ensuring that your content is meeting the needs of the people who are searching for it.

The Key to Winning in 2016: Invest in Content


According to the folks at SEMrush, content is still the key to succeeding in online marketing.

Search Update Impact On SEO & Content Strategies: Staying Ahead With A Focus On Quality


The search experts at Search Engine Land weighed in on content this week, too, and their verdict was the same as the one reached by SEMrush: quality content is the most important thing for websites that you want to get noticed.

3 Sources of Fuel for Sophisticated Content Marketers

copyblogger collection - stimulate your content marketing results

Copyblogger collected a few of their older articles into one great resource for anyone working on content marketing.

That's what we saw as the best of the best in online marketing content this week. Did we miss anything? Did you find any of these especially useful? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on Twitter. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


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