Making the Most of Your Website: A LinkNow Media Success Story

LinkNow Media is a family owned Montreal based company providing website design and online marketing services to North American small business owners. We have become one of the fastest growing design companies in the last 4 years due to efficient, cost-effective marketing services and the fastest web design turn around in the industry. In the past four years, we have accumulated over 5000 active clients located in Canada and the United States. We have certainly grown into a tour de force among website design companies with marketing and SEO packages to suit each client’s needs and budgets. Brian Holder, owner of B & M Builders in Colchester, Connecticut joined forces with LinkNow Media in September of 2012 to build a website and market his business online. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Holder has built an excellent reputation for the finest remodeling services including kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, custom decks and roofing installations. His work can be seen inside and outside of homes all over Connecticut.

As for the partnership between LinkNow Media and B & M Builders, the company’s website is constantly being added to but contains a wide variety of photographs of their work and information about their services. Custom programming has been added including an option to click a button on the Home Page and receive a phone call from the owner. New work is being added all the time and Mr. Holder works with his designer Gustavo Berdugo to create the best representation of B&M builders possible. Customer Care Director Eve Mendelovitch says; “It is wonderful to collaborate with someone who works with us to make his website exceptional. It’s been a pleasure creating this website for Brian.” As for his marketing, there have been over two thousand visitors to his website since January 2012 and he receives contact from the website at least once or twice a week. Some of this contact have turned into large, very profitable contracts and have made him a very happy businessman. “The whole point of having a website is to get new contracts, to show who you are and what you do so that your business increases. LinkNow Media has certainly done this for my business and I’m thrilled with the results I continue to get,” says Mr. Holder.

Through the marketing efforts done by LinkNow Media over the last nine months, the B & M Builders website now has first page Google, Yahoo, and Bing placements for a host of their services in multiple Connecticut towns. These results are why Brian Holder stays with LinkNow Media, even without a contract. He also praises the customer service team and his designer, saying that the effort everyone has put into helping him is overwhelming; “At first I wasn’t sure what they were going to do for me, but once I started speaking to the Director of Customer Care and she was helping me, everything took off. I’m very happy and it feels like the staff at LinkNow Media have become friends as well as business associates,” says Mr. Holder.

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