The Awesome LinkNow Media Web Design Experience

We all love to use the internet to hang out and have fun but when it comes down to getting work done – few do it better than LinkNow Media. I wanted to share with you reasons why I believe the LinkNow Media design experience is awesome.

Collective Experience

The DesignTeam @ LNM always works as a collaborative team. We believe that grouping several talented individuals together is by far and away the best way to create incredible websites. We are always learning from each other and growing as designers. We also have a lot of fun on our web design projects which also makes for a better final product as well.

The saying that two heads are better than one certainly applies here - except we take it to the  next level. Each one of our DesignTeam brings a different skillset to the table. Each one of us can easily be better equipped to handle certain aspects of each project we work on from PHP coding to SQL to Graphics to HTML/CSS. We even have content writers on our team too!

Of course, working with a team as large as ours requires a lot of communication – and we have all had to learn how to eliminate infighting on web design projects that can prevent us from reaching our milestones. We have had to learn how to listen and plan ahead. Good life skills to learn in general.

Lightning Fast Production Schedules

I used to do a lot of freelance work when I was younger (well, when I was less old). I loved the diversity of the web design projects that came my way – and I loved being able to do things my way. But when I started working in a collaborative environment the time required to finish each web design project decreased significantly – we routinely complete in days what other web design companies take weeks and months to finish!

Style Variation

Another reason we are awesome is because we get to mix different styles of web design. We are all obviously individuals with different understandings and preferences of how to use color, layouts and other design elements. Compromise is king because you definitely have to be able to swallow your pride every so often in deference for the ideas of others. Especially if the team doesn’t see things exactly the way you do! You have to keep the goal in mind – completing an awesome project for your customer. Gradually you can begin to trust your team members and be comfortable putting your ideas out there for feedback from the team. We have been lucky enough here to be able to assemble the group of people we have. We work together – we party together – and we get stuff done. Fast.

Building a Great Web Design Team

Birds of a feather tend to flock together and we have found that to be very true with our DesignTeam here. The quality web designers have stayed and made us stronger and the weaker ones have fallen by the wayside. We ask a lot of questions here – it has allowed us to build strong relationships with one another.

The creative energy we have together literally allows us to feed of each other’s enthusiasm and this can only happen in an environment where the member of the team can express their ideas openly and explore them quickly.

We always feel invigorated to jump into any new project at any time and we have succeeded in developing close bonds and rapport with one another. We know how to tackle each project and we have no trouble splitting up the work because we always know we can depend on all our team members to pull their own weight – and even our weight if we need it.

If you’re serious about getting your website project completed quickly by a serious team of web professionals drop us a line today and prepare to be amazed!

Adina Costa

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