4 Things Companies Can Learn From Captain America: Civil War

4 Business Lessons from Captain America: Civil War

Communication was Captain America’s biggest problem Captain America: Civil War is the big new blockbuster superhero movie this month, and on the surface, a bunch of superpowered people in costumes punching each other doesn’t have much to do with business. However, after I saw it this weekend, all I could think about was how the film was really just a story about an organization suffering from a communication breakdown. In the movie (no spoilers!), a team of superheroes, led by Captain America and Iron Man, normally work together to save the world but are divided because of a difference of opinion in how to conduct their business, and their whole team ends up fighting each other and doing the bad guys’ work for them. This exact same thing happens in businesses all too often, and 99% of the time this is because of a failure of communication at the leadership level. It’s […]

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