The Secret to Affordable Small Business Website Design

The LinkNow Media Way Here at LinkNow Media, we’re small business marketing specialists. We’ve worked with over 20,000 small business owners to create and promote websites for their companies. This experience has given us insight into the unique struggles faced by small business owners when they promote their businesses online, and we’ve come up with a winning formula. Website Design for Small Business The simple truth is that web design isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. We can all agree that any business operating today needs to have a website, but goals for different types of businesses are radically different. Large, multinational brands, like McDonald’s or Toyota have websites with a primary function of brand management and customer loyalty. After all, they don’t need to use their websites to help new people discover their companies – everyone already knows who they are. On the other end of the spectrum are professionals who […]

Lauchlin MacDonald

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Lauchlin is part of the content and marketing team at LinkNow Media. He has nearly a decade of experience in copywriting and editing, and spends way too much time on the Internet. He can be reached at and @Lauchlin on Twitter.