How Retargeting Works

how retargeting works

A LinkNow Media Guide to Retargeting Campaigns for Small Businesses Many small business owners are doing everything they can to get noticed online; they invest in a professionally designed website and SEO, they blog actively, and engage with their followers on social media. These are all very important aspects of every online marketing campaign, but sometimes your business needs an extra boost. That’s where retargeting can be a big help. Some people think it’s creepy, but retargeting is an advertising method used by nearly every large company that has a presence on the Internet. However, very few small businesses are using this resource. And when it comes to online marketing, any time you don’t make use of an available tool, you’re just leaving money on the table for one of your competitors who is using it. Let’s talk about how you can use retargeting to your advantage. What is retargeting? […]

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