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Websites for Locksmiths

Grow Your Locksmith Business With Superior Website Design

Having worked with hundreds of small locksmith businesses just like yours across the United States and Canada in recent years, LinkNow Media knows what it takes to deliver an optimal web design service that simply won’t be beat for quality, price or convenience. At LinkNow Media, we are very aware that the internet can seem like quite a daunting place for a small locksmith business like yours, especially if you do not have any real experience in the online world. However, that is where we come in.

Combining our years of web design experience with the use of the latest and most innovative online marketing, content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques allows us to deliver a truly unique service that is tailor made to cater to your respective needs without breaking the bank.

The web is here for you to use and is filled with thousands of homeowners in your area who are looking for locksmiths just like you every single day. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t sit back and twiddle your thumbs while other locksmith owner in your area are out there and finding new customers each and every day through the internet. Don’t get left behind, call LinkNow Media today and allow our skilled team to get to work on creating the best website possible for you.

I've Survived This Long Without a Website, Why Do I Need One Now?

Truth be told, if we had a dollar for every time we had heard and answered this question over the years, we’d be in a position to retire to the Caribbean very soon! But in all honesty, we get it! Establishing the benefits that a website can offer your locksmith business may seem like a difficult question to answer but the reality of the situation is that there is a multitude of reasons why having a website is a luxury that you cannot afford to go without in 2017.

Here are five reasons why investing in a website from a tried and trusted online specialist like LinkNow Media can help you right now:

  1. Increase Your Business: Let’s be honest about it, a business that isn’t making money isn’t going to be a business for very long. Having a website that is filled with keyword-rich content and is SEO-heavy means that you can use a 24-hour marketing tool to attract new customers to your top-quality locksmith service. What’s more, the ease of access of a website means that you won’t have to have an employee tied to the desk answering phone calls every day.
  2. Sell Yourself:If there is one thing that a business can do is that it allows you to tell people across your locality who you are and what you do. Attracting new customers is an amazing of sustaining and growing your business, giving prospective customers some solid information about the service you provide is a quick, easy and convenient way of increasing your customer base without having to fork out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in more traditional methods of advertising.
  3. Put Your Best Foot Forward: Operating in as competitive environment as a locksmithing can make it very hard to stand out from the crowd. However, by investing in an optimized website from LinkNow Media you can guarantee that this will be the case. The simple fact of the matter is that no customer, whether new or returning, is going to invest in a service that without first seeing what you can offer. A website is the perfect platform to showcase what your locksmith business can offer residential and commercial clients.
  4. Look Professional: The reality is that having a website, especially one that is ranking well on Google and other search engines, conveys to your customers—both current and prospective—that you run a serious business. The professional aura that website can provide for small business-owners like you should not be underestimated as it really is a great way of attracting new business.
  5. Save Time: There is no doubt about it, answering phone calls is a very time-consuming task. However, until you invest in a website, this will be your primary means of receiving new business or questions from existing clients. At LinkNow Media, all our website packages include an easy to use contact form that allows interested customers a 24/7 way of accessing your service. So, no matter what time of day or night it is, a potential customer will be able to get in contact. This means that you can even make money while you sleep!
    1. Content Catered to Your Locksmith Clients Needs

      Working with small locksmith businesses just like yours has helped us at LinkNow Media create content that is unrivalled for SEO terms, keywords but also authenticity. All of our content is crafted carefully for optimal results and is a written with your business’s best interests in mind. So, with that in mind here is a list of the locksmith services that our content will cover, as always, if you want to add, remove or edit the content created then that can be easily arranged:

      • Automotive Locksmith
      • Ignition Services
      • Car Lockout Services
      • Car Key Services
      • Car Trunk Repair
      • Glove Box Lock Repair
      • Locksmith Services
      • Locks
      • Electronic Access Control
      • Biometric Access Control
      • Safe and Vault Installations
      • Master Key Systems
      • Keyless Entry Systems
      • Lockout Service
      • Emergency Door Opening
      • Residential Locksmith Service
      • Key Cutting
      • Commercial Lock Repair

      Five Tips to Top-Quality Blogging

      We know what you’re thinking—I’m a locksmith, what do I know about writing? Well, the fact of the matter is that you probably know a lot more than you think and the best way of relaying this information to maximize your business’s online strength is by keeping a regular blog. At LinkNow Media, our content team are always here to help and provide advice on any questions that you may have regarding blogging. With that in mind, here are five key pointers that we think could prove useful for you as you go about creating a blog relating to your locksmith service.

      1. Stick to a Schedule: Like any aspect of business, the best way of getting ahead is by creating a schedule and sticking to it. So, as a locksmith, it is unrealistic to think that you will be able to blog every single day. Instead, pick a schedule that works better for your – maybe once a week or fortnight - and stick to it. The more important point to remember is that you can maintain a captivated audience by ensuring that your customers and followers know when your next post is coming.
      2. Always Respond to your Customers’ Questions: Chances are that if you are working in a skilled industry like locksmith then you have probably been doing this job for a long time. As a result, it can be easy to forget that your customers may not possess the same expertise as you do on this matter. On top of that, answering questions can provide ideas and inspiration for new blog post ideas and can also strengthen your SEO, so it really is a win-win situation that you shouldn’t miss out on.
      3. Make Sure Your Posts are Easy to Read: The simple fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how good your writing is or how well informed you are if no one is going to read the blog post because of poor formatting. The reality is that people who use blogs regularly are used to their posts being formatted in a certain way. At LinkNow, we recommend keeping your paragraphs brief and broken up with easy to understand headlines.
      4. Photos are Your Best Friend: The simple reality is that a picture really does paint a thousand words and if you want to make sure that your blog stands out from the crowd, you need to make sure it contains an adequate number of industry-related photos to choose from. With potential followers of your blog seeing so much content on a daily basis, the fact of the matter is that if you want to make sure that blog gets as much traction as possible then it needs something that will stick in the memory—a photo or series of photos does just that.
      5. Work on Your Headline Skills: The simple reality is that even the most gifted writer has problems cultivating enticing headlines. When it comes to making sure people click on your post—and in turn, learn about your business—you need to make sure that the headline is on point. While there are many different tips—some contradictory—on what makes a great headline, the reality is that only practice makes perfect, so keep at it!

      Hundreds of Happy Locksmith Customers

      At LinkNow Media, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. By putting your business’s needs above all else, we are in a position to guarantee the optimal results for all the small businesses – just like yours – that have invested in our service since day one. As we now approach our 9,000th customer, it is fair to suggest that we must be doing something right in this respect. That being said, you can rest assured that we will never cut any corners in the pursuit of customer care perfection for your business.

      If You Don’t Take it, Someone Else Will

      As a locksmith, you don’t need us at LinkNow Media to tell you how competitive an industry you are working in. The simple fact of the matter is that even in a small town there’s bound to be multiple locksmiths looking for the same customers. If you want to make sure that you are getting a competitive advantage on your competitors then you really need to have an online presence. What better way to do that than by investing in a top-quality website from LinkNow Media. With our skilled team of designers, content writers and SEO specialists, you can rest assured that you will get the best website possible.

      The web is waiting for you, what you waiting for?

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